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Josette Brose-Eichar
Owner and Designer

I grew up with a love of the natural world, and creating art and design inspired by nature. I received my BFA in fashion design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1979. But, next 17 years were spent in the business of Electronic Banking.

In 1998 I opened Lavender as a full service floral shop in San Francisco. Weddings were the most wonderful and magical elements of the business. In 2002 we moved into a beautiful hilltop home in Sonoma. Here surrounded by nature, I am doing what I love most, California Wine Country weddings and events.

     Josette at Sonoma Trashion Fashion 2017 Bouquets to Art design with orchids Bouquets to Art design with hydrengias


Design style and philosophy

The changing of the seasons in the Sonoma Valley holds abundant inspiration. I take my cues from nature; add my background in fine arts and fashion design to create floral design that is abundant, organic and original. 

Yellow rose bushes along highway 121  Toy dump truck with yellow roses.

I follow the principle "do the least harm". This means many things; recycling all unused organic materials by composting, not using floral foam, buying flowers grown organically or with as little pesticide use as possible and not using spray paint, dyes or hot glue.

If you are concerned about the environment, ask how much floral foam is being used.  What I believe is that floral design must not just be beautiful to look at on the day we create it, but consciously beautiful in its construction and effect on our environment.

Floral foam never breaks down.  Think of it like Styrofoam.

Now Available

Plan a Completely Local/ Organic Wedding

Lavender can design your wedding or event using all flowers and natural materials grown here in Sonoma County using completely sustainable and organic practices. Of course for this option you will not be able to choose exact flowers used, as crops are seasonal and will change as the spring, summer and fall progress. Pricing for this option is the same as our standard pricing.

Donate your flowers

If you would like to donate your flowers after the wedding, I will pick them up the next day and deliver them to Sonoma Post Acute, a care home here in Sonoma. I will do this at no extra charge. The clients and staff love to get fresh flowers. I will be sure to give them your note, so they know who donated the flowers. Of course, you must use containers, that you purchased, and not my rental containers, for this option.


It is not unusual to have temperatures of 90 to 100 degrees for the wine country in summertime. We have a state of the art, energy efficient walk in cooler to keep everything in peak condition until it is time to deliver. We also use an air-conditioned van. I will guide you in picking flowers that will hold up for the expected weather.

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